Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hangin' around

Make: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Model: Heavyweight Hangers
Size: n/a
Color: White
Part: n/a
MSRP: $5.99
Paid: $5.99
Made in: USA

Date purchased: 08/25/2007
n/w?: Need


megan said...

ARGH! I hate having to buy hangers when so many go in the landfill! And yet, every time you move, even if your stuff doesn't all get jacked, it seems you have to buy hangers. There should be a hanger collective or something.

What made you decide not to publish the names of the stores you bought from?

Megan from Fix

.BWJ. said...

I thought about it a few months into the project.

I just haven't dug through my receipts and gone back to edit the posts. If I do decide to turn this into a book, the stores I shopped at will be something I add.

megan said...

It's interesting: of course you don't necessarily want to be an advertisement for the million billion branches of box stores out there but on the other hand seeing that trend line could be very telling. It might also be informative for some people to know where well-designed, eco-conscious products can be found. Just curious.

Megan from Fix