Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Most of the things that survived Zero Day fit in the bag I was taking on the plane with me. But I had a small box of paperback books and my Tivoli bedside radio that needed to be shipped to my new Apartment in Chicago (my bikes are being packed and shipped by my local bike shop). So I took two boxes to FedEx on my way to the airport and dropped them off. There is a table in the secure lobby of my new building where packages are left by the delivery men so I assumed everything would be ok.

When I got home from work last Thursday, the box of books was sitting in the lobby, but my radio was not. When I went upstairs, I checked the tracking number...and it said both packages had been delivered. I couldn't believe it. Someone stole my radio from my own apartment building. God truly wants me to own nothing.

I took a deep breath and remembered that I paid extra for insurance on both boxes, so I called FedEx. They needed a receipt of for the stereo (which I didn't have because it was a gift) and a report of what happened. None of this seemed too promising, since the tracking number said my package was delivered. But I filled it all out anyway.

I didn't sleep well for a couple nights, because I couldn't get over the fact that someone in my building had my radio. I liked the radio a lot, but the fact that it was one of few surviving artifacts of Zero Day, it's value had increased as if it were an ancient heirloom from another time and place.

This time I couldn't let it go. I had to do something to prevent me from losing my mind and going door-to-door in my building looking for it. So after giving myself a few days to cool down I've made a poster with a sharpie and some scrap cardboard, pleading with my neighbors to return my beloved radio. I hung it right beside the elevator hoping that the guilty will see it and cave to what little conscience he or she may have.

Here's to hoping.

Attn: Neighbors

Will whoever took the package with my clock radio* in it last Thursday, please return it to the APT. it was meant to be delivered to, or the mail table that you took it from.

*This was a gift and one of the few things remaining after my moving van was broken into and everything I owned, my entire life, was stolen.

Thanks for kicking me while I'm down. It's been a warm welcome to Chicago.


Pankti said...

That *is* unbelievable!
Your blog is amazingly interesting!
Most people lose a lot of hope after they go through something like this, but I love how you turned into this creative blog that has convinced me that even when you're left with nothing, you can still come out on top.

.BWJ. said...

Thanks Pankti,

I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it. I hope it can be insightful.