Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's getting colder nau

Make: Nau
Model: Base3 Shacket
Size: Small
Color: Chocolate
Part: 107M901
MSRP: $128.00
Paid: $45.00
Made in: China

Date purchased: 09/23/2007
n/w?: Need

Comment: Nau is a new clothing line that focuses on well designed, functional outerdoorwear. They are also dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact wherever possible. Their clothing is made from recycled polyester, PLA (corn), organic cotton and responsibly farmed wool. They have very few store fronts, and they keep them small by offering shipping direct to your home at a 10% discount. All of their shipping is countered with carbon offsets and you get to donate 5% of every purchase to a charity you choose from their list of partners. I love this brand and their products. Hopefully they hold up to the elements as nice as the fit and look.

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