Sunday, September 9, 2007

The king fisher

Make: Gary Fisher
Model: 07’ Triton
Size: 55cm
Color: Black
Part: n/a
MSRP: $1099
Paid: $649
Made in: USA

Date purchased: 09/08/2007
n/w?: Want

Comment: Yes...I bought a new bike. Yes, the two I already have survived Zero Day. Yes, I still don't have any furniture, dishes, or cookware. Yes, I have a problem. But it was a hell of a buy and I don't want to commute on a custom built carbon frame. This is the last year that this model was handbuilt in the USA, with True Temper OX Platinum steel, and comes stock with a carbon fork and clipless pedals. At 40% off, I wasn't leaving the store without it.

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