Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bedtime for blue eyes

Make: Simmons
Model: Beautyrest Classic Pillowtop
Size: Full
Color: White
Part: M13442.20.8106
MSRP: $749.99
Paid: $550
Made in: USA

Date purchased: 08/25/2007
n/w?: Need

Comment: I spent the last year in SF trying to sleep on a terrible foam mattress from Ikea and promised myself when I moved that I would buy a decent bed. I'm the type of person who can usually sleep anywhere (plane, bus, floor, street)—but when I'm at home, I want my own comfy cradle to lie my head. My new apartment happens to be on "mattress row" and I had plenty of options. I spent the whole afternoon laying on beds for five minutes at a time, trying to determine how comfortable it would be over a period of 6 hours. I finally found on that I liked and was able to talk the salesman into giving me a "Memorial Day" discount. He was also the only guy who would deliver to me on Sunday, which meant I would only need to sleep on my hard wood floor—curled up with a pile of t-shirts—for one night.

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