Thursday, October 4, 2007

*Unbelievable II* Update II

Great news today.

I remembered that I had Apple Care on my iPod. I wasn't sure if it was still covered, but I looked up the s/n on the Apple website and it's still covered for one more month. What a blessing (if iPods fall into that category).

I know it will be a blessing for others, because if I have to ride the train much longer without headphones, I am going to lose my mind. People have no concern for others in such an intimate public space. Gum popping, cell phones and today I stood next to a couple that was breaking up. Seriously, on the way to work? I got to hear all of their grievances about each other. He was trying to save things, but after listening to her complain for twenty minutes, I am sure he will be much better off if he moves on.

Anyway, I scheduled an appointment on Saturday to go see what the Apple genius can do for me.

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