Tuesday, October 2, 2007

*Unbelievable II*

As I was sitting down to begin some work this morning, I put in my earphones, turned on my iPod and scrolled down to Circa Survive's new album (ironically titled On Letting Go). I hit play, but my iPod froze up. No big deal, I'll just hold down the menu and center button until it resets.

But I didn't get the usual black screen and shiny apple. I got an icon of a classic Mac, frowning as if it just discovered its own obsolescence. This can't be happening. The desktop that my iPod was synced too had been stolen and I had been to busy to stop and think that I should really buy an external harddrive and back up my iPod.

I tried resetting a few more times. Nope. My face must have been mimicking that of the icon. There is no way I just lost 55gb of music and Seinfeld episodes (my only form of entertainment in my empty apartment after work). But after frantically searching the Apple website, I learned that frowny face equals dead harddrive.

Deep breath...

Well, they did just release a new line of iPods. Although the last thing I needed to be buying right now is a $400 music box. And even then all my music and DVDs are gone. It would sit empty while I slowly reacquire six years of mobile entertainment.

Maybe I can buy a shuffle and a few CDs as temporary relief.

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