Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Panisse of cake

Title: The Art of Simple Food
Author: Alice Waters
Publisher: Clarkson/Potter
Date Published: 2007
Printed: USA
ISBN: 978-0-307-33679-8
List: $35.00
Paid: $0.00 (Gift certificate)

Date 11/13/2007
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Comment: After finally acquiring a decent set of kitchen tools, I can finally begin cooking more. I have always enjoyed cooking, but never had the time, tools, drive, or know-how to cook much more than a few things. However decent they may be, I want to add to my quiver of dishes and learn the fundamentals that I have, to date, just scrounged up from watching the Food Network. I also don't want to rely on the faint possibility that my future significant other will cook. The only girl I've ever known who truely impressed me with her cooking, is now engaged. I spent this weekend wading through cookbooks, trying to find a solid, all-around cookbook. It wasn't as easy as I thought. About 50% of the selection was composed of Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray's "30 minute meals" and "Kids Love to Cook." As I was about to leave I passed this on the new releases table. Alice Waters is the founder of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA and purveyor of the philosophy that buying local organic food—and preparing it simply in all it's freshness—is the best way to cook. It covers everything from essential tools and kitchen staples to the differences of chopping and dicing before heading into simple recipes that will cover the fundamentals, followed by a well organized collection of more advanced dishes.


Monta said...

Never heard of this book, but are you familiar with the Minimalist chef, Mark Bittman? He has a few simple no fuss books, or you can track his stuff on nytimes. I followed his bean salad recipes last summer and they were splendid.

megan said...

I second the Mark Bittman recommendation. I'm not super-crazy about the yellow tome, but "The Minimalist Cooks at Home" and "The Minimalist Cooks Dinner" are fantastic. And lots of his recipes are available for free at NYTimes.com.

Megan from Fix

.BWJ. said...

I've actually been eying his new book "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian." It's quite the tome but seems to cover a lot of delicious ground.

Thanks for the tips!