Saturday, January 12, 2008

Orange you glad

Make: Bnt
Model: Happy Stool
Size: n/a
Color: Tangerine
Part: n/a
Serial: n/a
MSRP: $129.00
Paid: $89.00
Made in: unknown

Date purchased: 1/12/2008
n/w?: Need

Comment: I picked this up at Domicile when I got the pointer table. Orange has sort of become a theme in my living room, and it looks nice next to all the dark wood. After having a desk for the last couple of months and not being able to find a chair I liked, I found this. It's just what I needed. Although it just barely slides under the desk (which leave no room for my legs). But it's a shallow desk and it works out great. No more kneeling on the hardwood floor. I may actually be able to get some work done at home now.

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