Saturday, January 19, 2008

A periodical periodical

Publication: Print
Editor-in-Chief: Joyce Rutter Kaye
Publisher: F&W Publications
Date Published: November/December 2007
Printed: USA
ISSN: 0032-8510
List: $39.00
Paid: $39.00

Date 1/19/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: I generally don't buy magazines. I usually spend one afternoon each month hanging out at Barnes & Noble reading everything I'm interested in for free. I do have one subscription, Fast Company, because I think it's a great fusion of design and business. I also got a two year subscription for just $5. I never posted this purchase, because after I've read them they get recycled. This issue of Print is more substantial and falls into the realm of a book, it definitely costs as much as one. I've stopped buying design magazines, but one of my projects got into the Print Annual this year, so I thought it would be nice to have a copy. There are also several pieces from fellow Project M advisers, alumni and friends including: Chris Simmons & Tim Belonax, Eric Heiman & Adam Brodsley, Christian Helms, Amy Franceschini, Bernard Canniffe, Mike Weikert, Alex Chrisman, Jake Lefubre, John Foster and even my mentor from school John Malinoski. Knowing that my first project after graduation is featured in the same annual as all of these incredibly talented peers, is amazing and makes a $39 magazine worth owning.


Kathy said...

yes! That's definitely worth the buy.

Yellow Blade said...

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