Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saving my sole

Make: Converse
Model: Allstar by John Varvatos
Size: 9.5
Color: Army
Part: 1Y247
MSRP: $95.00
Paid: $45.00
Made in: China

Date purchased: 1/26/2008
n/w?: Need

Comment: I have been looking for new shoes for months. I used to be ridiculous about shoes and at one point in college, I had 18 pair. When I moved to SF I had scaled that down to 4 pair, but since zero day, I've only had one pair of daily wear shoes (not including my cycling or dress shoes). But today a hole wore through the sole and all the wet slush from the sidewalks started flooding in and soaking my sock. I hate wet socks more than a lot of things, so I could no longer procrastinate about buying shoes. I really had my eye on a pair of Veja Volleys, which are made with organic cotton, natural amazon rubber and produced with fair trade standards in Brazil, but no one in Chicago carries them. They are also a European company, so after the exchange rate, they are pretty expensive shoes and would need to be shipped (again) half way around the world. Another option I considered were Simple shoes, but again, I couldn't find anyone who sold them. So I sloshed my leaking shoes over to DSW, and after what seemed like hours of pacing down the isles of shoes I would never wear, I found the John Varvatos designer collection of Allstars. I havn't had Chucks since I was in the 4th grade, and I just remember them being really uncomfortable. I'm also not a fan of the glaring white toe. But I really like this laceless version, and thought I'd give them another try. Hopefully they are more forgiving on my feet. I will most likely wear these until I absolutely have to buy a new pair of shoes. Maybe by then, some of the more responsible choices in footwear will be more available.


KC said...

since I can't really shop, I've been window shopping online. So fyi, Tretorn is having a shoe sale online.

FatAnimalClub said...

read through your posts and really appreciated how all of this came together (the concept of the project, the consideration of each purchase, even the whimsical titling and photographs.)

keep on keepin' on! I'm happy/proud to hear you making your way in Chicago despite a rocky start (read the thread in sffixed).

Take care, and hope the windy city's weather is treating you nicely.

-nathan from sf

Water Lion said...

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