Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Polluter reduces waste*

Make: BP
Model: Thermos
Size: 18oz
Color: Silver
Part: n/a
MSRP: Unknown
Paid: $0.00 (Re-Gift from Brock Conrad)
Made in: China (Most likely)

Date purchased: 1/15/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: *Well, they reduce my waste by supplying me with a coffee mug to reuse on my occasional stop at Starbucks (who have sadly quit using ceramic mugs). BP happens to be one of my favorite clients at VSA, so when my co-worker was getting rid of this while cleaning off his desk I was glad to take it off his hands. It was a brand new mug and I figured it would be a nice ironic accessory on my bike rides to the coffee shop, where I'll most likely be reading something along the lines of Cradle to Cradle or Stirring it Up.

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