Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Foodie fun 101

Title: New York City Restaurants 2008
Author: Zagat
Publisher: Zagat Survey, LLC
Date Published: 2007
Printed: USA
ISBN: 1-57006-869-8
List: $15.95
Paid: $0.00 (Gift from Sandy Alexander)

Date 3/12/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: I was in NYC all week for a press check at Sandy Alexander and when we were deciding where to eat, our rep Chris gave us all copies of the new Zagat guide. It is one of the better promotional gifts I have seen—it's actually useful. It doesn't show off their capabilities as a printer (because they didn't print it), but it is a good indication of their generosity. I've never been treated so well by a printer before. It was a great trip, and the piece being printed—Allstate's annual report—looks great. I had almost 3 full days to enjoy the city and spend time catching up with all by buddies from ThreeAre (Katie, Mike, Eric and Jung). Oh, and I lost my keys at security on my way out to NYC, but thankfully they were there when I returned to Ohare.

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