Monday, April 7, 2008

Hell yes Helvetica

Title: Helvetica
Directed by: Gary Hustwit
Produced by: Swiss Dots Ltd.
Copyright Date: 2007
List: $24.98
Paid: $0.00 (Gift from Christina Hicks)

Date 4/7/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: This was a belated birthday gift from my beloved friend Christina, who never stops surprising me (this one was slipped in my bag when I wasn't looking). I love Helvetica and I loved this film (saw it twice in the theater...yes it was in theaters). I know a lot of designers who hate it, but I'm a modernist who appreciates function and minimalism. Helvetica is used for so many things that it is usually labeled as generic, but I think it's prevalence speaks to its effectiveness. There are thousands of typefaces at a designers disposal, and 99% of them are crap. I see no need to reinvent the wheel. Give me a handful of weights in Helvetica and I'm set.

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