Saturday, April 12, 2008

New socks, new Timberland (atleast to me)

Make: Timberland
Model: Casual Wear Socks (3 pair)
Size: 9-12
Color: Various
Part: TM30415-999
MSRP: $18.00
Paid: $9.99
Made in: Taiwan

Date purchased: 04/12/2008
n/w?: Need

Comment: Most of the socks that survived zero day were ankle socks that I wore riding all year round in SF, but since winter in Chicago doesn't seem to ever end, I decided to increase my sock numbers to decrease my wash frequency. I really wanted a few more pair of the Puma socks I bought last fall (super comfy), but the store only carries white ones now, and white socks are So I picked up these instead, which wasn't a bad trade-off. I learned while reading Stirring It Up that Timberland worked hard to be a more responsible company. They have room to grow, but they are doing some cool things; like offering a $3000 incentive to employees who buy hybrid vehicles. They also offer approved, 6 month paid sabbaticals to employees who wish to pursue a dream of theirs that benefits the community in a positive way. I was really surprised to learn that they use recycled and renewable materials, as well as water-based adhesives in the production of their boots and their manufacturing plants are powered by solar and wind energy. They've also introduced a "nutrition label" to the footwear industry that shows what materials are used in the production of their products. When I thought of Timberland, I always thought of "Tims" being worn loose-laced with baggy jeans. Who knew they were a devoted outdoors company? Oh ignorance.

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