Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beaming with soy

Make: Soybeam
Model: 6: Lemongrass & Cedarwood
Size: 10oz
Color: Green
Part: n/a
MSRP: $44.00
Paid: $35.00
Made in: USA

Date purchased: 05/17/2008
n/w?: Want

I think I may be more embarrassed posting this than I was about the tweezers. I don't buy candles often and I surely don't spend this much for them when I do. However, I had been considering buying one recently to freshen up my apartment and add a little accent to my otherwise bare furniture. I actually read about Soybeam candles back in February on Treehugger, but never followed through to their website. When I came across the Soybeam booth at the Chicago Green Festival, it was a beautifully designed oasis, void of the Papyrus, earthy, organic, fair trade, vegan, world-saving hippy crap that most of the other companies shouted equally loud. The thing is, Soybeam is pretty much all of these things (sans crap and Papyrus). The candles are made from soy grown in the USA (instead of crude oil like paraffin wax candles). The aromatherapy scents come from organic essential oils, and the glass comes from repurposed wine bottles (which can be used as a drinking glass after the candle has run it's course). But the Earth-loving thoughtfulness doesn't stop there. The packaging is not only well designed, it is printed with soy ink on 100% recycled, bleach free paper. The box is folded together, instead of using glue (making it completely biodegradable), and the candle seal is made with seed paper that can be planted to grow your own mini wildflower garden. I don't think I would ever buy one of these at full price (at least not for myself), but I think they would make a great gift for any candle loving hippy in your life.

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