Thursday, May 22, 2008

BuyByBrian x Murketing

I was just recently interviewed about my project by Ada Puiu, for Rob Walker's blog ( Rob writes a column called, "Consumed," for the New York Times magazine and is the author of the book Buying In, which is about the relationships between consumers and the things we buy (I was lucky enough to get a free advanced copy at Likemind last week). The books subject matter happens to strike quite a parallel with what I discuss here and I look forward to reading it while I'm traveling this weekend.

I want to welcome all of the new readers and visitors and let you know that you can start by reading about what happened and why I'm doing this by following the corresponding links.

This started out as an easy way for me to catalog my things as I re-bought them, but has evolved into an introspective look at my consumer habits and our consumer culture in general. We all have way too much stuff, and the problems we face in the future won't be solved by buying even more of it. However, it's in our nature to consume and we work hard in order to enjoy certain luxuries, but it's time that we really start to consider the lasting impact our habits have, now and in the future.



cupritte said...

Despite the fact that you didn't leave your world behind, and go backpacking in Europe, or aid in Africa, I think what you did is really interesting. I found your blog via tree hugger, and just wanted to say that I am sorry you had everything stolen, and thank you for sharing your story with the entire internet community.

Gadget Gang Bang said...

This same sort of thing happened to a friend of mine. Most of her stuff was sentimental and not worth anything. Pictures, keep sakes, and tiny hippie girl clothes.None the less, it was all taken from her car the day before she moved, Dec 23ish...

I came across your blog via treehugger as well.

I feel like I am tangled in all my crap, and while I would never wish mine or anyone else's whole life be stolen...after reading this I am a bit envious. Not envious of the paranoia and mis trust and loss of faith in people and know what I mean, I hope. It seems like you were forced to step back and start over for the better.

Tom said...

Like the other recent commenters, I found your blog via treehugger. This will be a cautionary tale for me, as I too am soon to be leaving to the east coast. I planned to ship only what I can fit in a PODS or similar cube instead of driving a u haul out. When I get there, I'm looking forward to a car free and decluttered life, and will be more deliberate as to what I adopt, caretake, and plain ol consume. Your blog is giving me some other ideas too.

Faye said...

Like the others, treehugger led me here.

I'm a student in Chicago, and just wanted to say that I am pretty jealous of you (short of losing all my stuff). What an opportunity to start over and minimize quantity while maximizing quality. Many people, when they get in this mindset, already have accumulated so much junk that they can never get to that desired point.

Less is more has been my mantra for a while now, and reading about your situation has emphasized it even more.

I'm really glad you didn't lose your bikes. Being a bike enthusiast myself, I know that would have been more painful than anything.

Thanks for sharing.