Friday, May 2, 2008

Goodbye for Nau

Make: Nau
Model: Succintshell Jacket
Size: Small
Color: Fresh
Part: 108M207
Serial: n/a
MSRP: $150.00
Paid: $102.99
Made in: China

Date purchased: 05/2/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: It's been raining a lot and now that I'm riding to work again, I wanted to be prepared for all the warm spring rain that I'm sure Chicago will throw my way. If you don't remember why I love Nau, you can look at some of the things I've purchased from them in the past. I love this company and in less than one year, my loyalty to them rivals that of my loyalty for Apple (that's a pretty big deal). However, after getting this in the mail today, I went to show a co-worker their website and learned the terrible news that Nau will be closing their doors. I was in shock, devastated even. They just opened their 5th storefront 2 weeks ago in LA. When I purchased my jacket last weekend, the employees were all excited about the eco-lovin' stars who would be wearing their gear. I was just as excited with them. The company is incredible and the clothes reflect that in both quality and design. I never thought the loss of a brand would break my heart, but this did. The employees only found out last night and have less than 48 hours to close up shop. Tomorrow will be their last day open and will basically have a 50% off fire sale to clean the store out. All of their items are now limited edition collectors items, left to remind those who believed that there is a better way to do business. In the one year that Nau was open they donated over $220,ooo to non-profit partners who customers would choose to donate 5% of their purchase price to. They have also helped to build-up the infrastructure for manufacturing eco-circle and other recycled clothing products. They were on track to open a store in SF and NYC this summer, but the economic downturn and hesitance of investors at the current time has dealt them a fatal blow. It's a sad day for the clothing industry, green movement, and everyone who made a place in their heart for Nau.

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Sage said...

That's too bad they're closing! I was always really attracted to their stuff, but never could afford it.
Looks like you got some good stuff!