Monday, May 12, 2008

What a tool

Make: Spin Doctor
Model: Essential Tool Kit
Size: 18 piece
Color: Gray
Part: 40-2451
MSRP: $79.99
Paid: $44.99
Made in: Taiwan

Date purchased: 05/12/2008
n/w?: Need

Comment: I use to have this same tool kit and a few of the items that I always carried in my back pack actually survived zero day (pedal/15mm wrench, allen wrenches). The quality of these tools aren't the greatest, but they get the job done. Some of them better than others. However, if I bought some of these tools individually—three of them alone would cost as much as this whole set. So I opted for frugality. Between this kit and my newly purchased bike stand, I have all I need to do all of my bike repairs and maintenance myself. I think it's ideal for anyone who rides or commutes on a bike to learn minimal maintenance—like changing flat tires and cleaning /lubing their chains. Knowing how to adjust your brakes would be convenient too, but gets a little more intimidating for most people. One of the richest resources for learning about bikes and bicycle maintenance is the late Sheldon Brown's website. If you ride, or are thinking of riding—Sheldon's website has the most reliable information you will find on the web.

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