Friday, June 27, 2008

Allergy free from Gary

Make: Clean Rest
Model: Allergy Free Pillow
Size: Standard
Color: White
Part: RN117729
MSRP: $39.99
Paid: $0.00 (Gift from Gary Goldberg)
Made in: China

Date purchased: 06/28/2008
n/w?: Need

Comment: This could be my first unofficial sponsorship. After discovering my blog and reading about my mystery allergy, Gary Goldberg (the CEO of Clean Rest) was generous enough to send me one of their new allergy free pillows. As I've said before, I love free stuff, especially if it's something useful that I would have bought anyway (and I needed an extra pillow for guests coming to visit). The most ironic part of receiving this pillow in the mail today, was that I had just come home from an appointment with an allergist, where they did a full skin test to find what I'm allergic too. But—not surprising to me—the results all came up negative. So far, whatever is causing my eye lids to swell up on a quarterly basis, is still unknown. I happened to have another reaction last week (almost 4 months to the day of my last episode...right on schedule), so I called an allergist to try to solve the mystery, once again.

I actually looked at these pillows when I purchased my Tempur-Pedic, but it's hard to really test out a pillow when it's on a shelf at the store. I remember feeling the Clean Rest (with my hand) and thinking it was too soft, and I would need to buy more than one. Since they each cost $40, after buying a couple I would have been paying as much as I would for the Tempur-Pedic. I went with the space-age memory foam based on family recommendations. It took me a couple weeks to get use to the firmness of the foam, but (sorry Gary) I've grown to love it. However, the Clean Rest pillow is much better for lounging on the couch and napping. If I had a few of these on my bed, they would be great. It definitely simulates the soft fluffiness of down remarkably well for being synthetic and the health benefits from the pillows allergy barrier are great. This is also not as crinkly and plastic feeling as the allergy covers you would put on regular pillows, a huge plus if you've ever experienced those. Thank you so much Gary for sending me the pillow and protecting my sleep.


cmac said...

i started reading your blog a few months ago, and stumbled upon it just as i began planning to move from chicago. i'll be going to grad school in new england in the fall and living on my own for the first time. though i hope my move will not mirror your zero day, your thoughtful posts have inspired me to really think about the purchases that i'll undoubtably be making to fill my new place. as an ecologist, i'm striving for an environmentally responsible home, but your design perspective has been really interesting too. keep writing...

IceBella said...

It's been a few years since your post but I'll try anyway; I have the same condition (eyes swell shut and only hydrocortisone can reduce it) and it took me almost 3 years to figure out that I am allergic to polyester. If it's a shirt it does not matter but fabric made from open ended fibers (Plush, such a blanket, stuffed animals, and in my case a morning robe) triggers the reaction. Only skin contact leads to the condition, being in the same room is OK. Not too uncommon either, just google, Hope that helps,Isabella.

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