Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some love from the Treehug

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed for Murketing.com and then Lloyd Atler, over at Treehugger picked up on my site and made a post there last week. That was pretty exciting, since I've been an avid Treehugger reader for years (way before Discovery bought them) and they have a very large audience, which means I have many more people looking at photos of my socks and underwear than I ever expected.

However, everyone I have heard from who admires the consideration put into my purchases, and who long to remove themselves from their own overwhelming collection of possessions is always encouraging to hear. It's good to know that something many would perceive as tragic, can be used to inspire others to contemplate their own consumption habits.



Kathy said...

very cool brian!

Phunkopathic said...

I found your site from Treehugger, but now I'm totally enthralled. I found myself waking up on Monday morn wondering, "What did Brian buy this weekend?"

We recently bought a house, and I've been gathering my receipts and using Brian's format, I am keeping tabs on what we are buying, major purchases for the past, all purchases going forward. It really makes you realize how consumerism affects you.

Thank you Treehugger and Brian for giving me a project that will take my mind off of my buying stuff! :)

Carissa W said...

I found your blog through treehugger, too! This is a cool idea. I've been thinking of doing the reverse--giving or selling things from my life on the internet and tracking it. Sort of a history of purchases, posted to craigslist, with brief explanation of what I originally purchased it for, or how it served my life. This is inspiring, thanks.