Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyone's nuts

Make: Nuts for Obama
Model: T-shirt
Size: Medium
Color: White
Part: 0002
MSRP: $20.00
Paid: $0.00
Made in: El Salvador (Printed in San Diego)

Date purchased: 07/30/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: Sorry for another delayed posting (with a few more to follow). I was traveling last week and a couple work outings and friends visiting have kept me busy ever since. I'm excited to finally share this little side project I recently finished. This is a shirt that I designed and had printed for a collaborative project with my father. After the whole Jesse Jackson debacle, he called me up and asked if I could design him a shirt that said "Nuts for Obama." Over the next 48 hours I got to work on shirts, a website, and acquiring quotes for the production. It all came together pretty fast and without a complete plan of how to get the word out—especially in a market full of 1000's of Obama related shirts. However, I think the provocative nature and double entendre in the message make for a great shirt. You know you want one. Yes I am shamelessly plugging my own wares for sale. Even if you don't buy one for yourself or as a gift or to burn in effigy—atleast visit the site so my late nights weren't spent in vain.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A book by its cover

Title: Pollution and the Death of Man
Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Date Published: 1970
Printed: USA
SBN: 8423-4840-9
List: Unknown
Paid: $0.00 (Gift from Mark King)

Date 07/9/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: Aside from this book having one of the most amazing covers ever, it also discusses a topic I have been hungry for information on. Ecology, sustainability, treehuggers and Christians don't go together very often. Most Christians seem to believe that being given dominion over the earth is a free pass to plunder it of all it's resources and trash it like a rockstar in a cheap motel room (but without as much style). However, I believe it's our responsibility to take care of it, being that we are the only species who can reason and solve problems outside of our natural instinct to survive. My pastor gave this too me, following a conversation we had about investing in solar panels for the roof of the church. He had an extra copy laying around and thought I would enjoy reading it. What I find fascinating is that it was written in 1967 and it's foresight and relevance is incredible. We've known about the issues we are facing now 40 years ago and have made little to no moves to curb any of them. With our population growth out pacing the regeneration of our natural resources, we really need to start thinking—and more importantly—living differently. Alright, enough preaching from me.

Since it seems like it's been so long between posts recently, I wanted to bring up the catch 22 of writing a blog about the things I buy, while I'm learning to buy much less in the process. I talked about this issue in my interview with Murketing, and it can be frustrating because I enjoy writing and sometimes I feel compelled to buy something, just so that I can make a new posts. And with my recent announcement and solicitation of support for my trip to Africa, I have been even more conscious than normal about what I buy and how I'm spending my money. I will need to start buying gear for my trip soon though, so be on the look out for that—unless anyone has some camping/backpacking/safari gear they would love to loan or donate to the trip. I'm also interested in getting a portable solar charger for my camera, anyone have experience with the Solio? I plan to capture my upcoming journey as best I can for everyone who will be interested in reading about it when I get back.