Friday, August 22, 2008

Buy from Brian (goodbye Chi)

I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of zero day and I'm having a sale. As Rob Walker would say, I'm "unconsuming." There are many reasons why—less than a year after losing everything involuntarily—I am voluntarily getting rid of more stuff. If you've noticed the lack of posts recently, it's because I have reached a new place in my consumer mentality that has afforded me much more control over what I buy. Don't get me wrong, there are still loads of things I want to buy, but I've been learning to enjoy the things I already have—instead of hording a giant collection of stuff that I never have the time to enjoy.

One thing I've learned in the past year is that I value experiences much more than any material possessions I could ever acquire. I would rather travel to new cities, enjoy dinner with friends, and spend time outdoors. None of which really require a home with an attic, basement, and garage filled to the ceiling with junk.

So to follow through on this life lived for experiences instead of a collection of material things, I am downsizing significantly again—this time on purpose. In a week, I'll be hopping on a train headed east and then catching a plane to Africa. When I return, I will be moving to NYC to finally call that great city home (at least until I can no longer ignore my desire to return to SF). I'm looking forward to living someplace—for the first time since college—where I will actually know some people. I will be reconnecting with some great friends and fellow designers who have already been enjoying "the center of the universe."

All of my furniture is for sale on craigslist, and half of it has sold or is spoken for. But everything else I own is up for sale too, if the price is right. I will also be selling things at a fundraiser yard sale (for my trip to Africa) this Saturday in Chicago.

This is my mulligan on the past year. I want to leave Chicago with as little as I arrived with and head to Africa, where I can do my part in helping those who never had anything to begin with. Thanks to everyone who has followed this over the past year, I plan to continue writing and evaluating what I buy, but I am considering new directions. Since I hope to buy much less in the near future—aside from the gear I will be buying for my trip—things may get boring around here.

Also, jobs in NYC...?

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lil bird said...

you always were clever and decisive! I just found your card in all my shtuff from VCU. How the heck are you?
Africa? thats amazing. It's wendy gillis stark BTW. i ran into Erjun Zhao at the Richmond 1st Friday a few months back... 1st thing she said was "i paint your eyes" ... i looked on her website and sho'nuff there they were in this picture. COOL. the good ol days! Life is good. onward and upward! ~Godspeed