Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bathroom reading

Title: The Big Necessity
Author: Rose George
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
Date Published: 2008
Printed: USA
ISBN: 0-8050-8271-9
List: $26.00
Paid: $0.00

Date 10/15/2008
n/w?: Want

Comment: Since I got back from my trip, I have been spending time in multiple places, and all of the tags, packaging, etc. that I need to post items I bought for my trip are in one of the places I haven't been too recently. So I decided to forge ahead with what I have bought recently and just back post when I get the chance.

This was another free book. My father works for a media outlet, and publishers continually send new books to them in hopes that they will get reviewed and plugged. He recently found out that the mail room had just been throwing them out, so he began saving them. I was looking through the stack of books recently and this one really stood out. It's a fascinating look at the world's sanitation. This book covers everything from the 6000 miles of sewer under NYC, to the toilet technology in Japan, and the fact that health related deaths—caused by poor sanitation—are higher than that of AIDS among children in third world countries. I am absolutely enthralled by this book despite it's "taboo" topic.

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Will said...

I cant poop without a good book.