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    1. Welcome to Kunshan Jing Bai Yuan Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. site!
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      Kunshan Jing Bai Yuan Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

             Kunshan Jing Bai Yuan Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, packaging and sales of power modules. Our professional R&D and packaging team has more than ten years of experience. Through the cooperation with many foreign experts, we have developed a unique one-time welding process. With the company's advanced production and testing equipment, we have solved the industry problems of high thermal resistance, low overflow and high void rate. To provide a series of high quality and high performance power modules for the company. At present, the company's main products: silicon controlled module, fast recovery diode module, Schottky diode module, high voltage MOS module and IGBT module.




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      • 我們竭誠為您服務!
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